A Jolly Good Fellow

Chade-Meng Tan is Chief Happiness Officer and Head of Personal Growth at Google.

He is hilarious, humble, and wise.

After eight yeas as an engineer with Google, Meng just up and decided to call himself Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow” and had cards printed adding the phrase, “which nobody can deny.”

As Google’s Jolly Good Fellow, Meng has become Google’s unofficial VIP greeter. Behind the reception desk in one of the main Google buildings is Meng’s Wall, a gallery of snapshots of Meng standing next to luminaries like Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nancy Pelosi, Muhammad Ali, and more than one hundred and fifty others—and counting.

The photos have kept coming - they can be viewed here

 The wall is legendary, known as "The Wall Of Meng" - the topic of a 2007 N.Y. Times article, "Hey, Who's He With Gwyneth? The Google Guy.

 I was fortunate enough to meet him twice this year. The first time, at Wisdom 2.0 Youth, I asked him if I could call myself a "Jolly Good Fellow" and he said "Absolutely!"
The second time, at Wisdom 2.0,  I showed him my business card with "Jolly Good Fellow" and my friend Brad took our picture:

Here is Meng's TED talk:


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