I think I am an Information Flâneur

While reading through the N.Y. Times review of Eli Pariser's book The Filter Bubble, I came across and amazing term: information flâneur.

The review states:
"[Pariser] argues in a somewhat romantic vein, should not be content as mere passive recipients of tweets, pokes and bytes; they should aspire to become what some Internet scholars call “information flâneurs,” treading the unbeaten paths in cyberspace and defying the narrow categories stealthily assigned to them by Web services."
I dug a deeper it this concept and found this amazing study by the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary. The Information Flaneur - A Fresh Look at Information Seeking [PDF]

I think I am an Information Flâneur. Are you?

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1 comment:

  1. you are indeed an information flaneur.

    in fact, you are the flanniest flaneur i have ever met.