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...we thought it would be fun (and instructive) to track the top three most tweeted goals of the tournament so far. These goals had the highest Tweets-per-second (TPS) count in the 30 seconds after a goal was scored.

The most tweeted goals of the past week...

1) Japan scores against Cameroon on June 14 in their 1-0 victory (2,940 TPS)
2) Brazil scores their first goal against North Korea in their 2-1 June 14 victory (2,928 TPS)
3) Mexico ties South Africa in their June 11 game (2,704 TPS)

Were these all-time Twitter records? Yes, but only until last night's deciding game of the NBA Championship between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. The Lakers' victory generated a record 3,085 TPS as the game ended.

For context, Twitter currently sees about 750 TPS on an average day and 65 million total Tweets a day."

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