"Green Jobs" Proposal

Put the Young and Unemployed to Work Cleaning BP's Mess, Then Send BP the Bill:

"We've got hundreds of thousands of young people sitting on their hands right now because they can't find jobs. Many are from affected coastal areas, where the tourist and fishing industries have been decimated by the spill.

The President should order BP to establish a $5 billion clean-up fund, and immediately put America's army of unemployed young people to work saving the Gulf coast. Call it the new Civilian Conservation Corps.

(The old CCC -- created by FDR at another time of massive unemployment and environmental stress -- gave millions of young Americans jobs and training to reforest lands that had been degraded, provide emergency flood relief in the Ohio and Mississippi valleys, and build the infrastructure for our national parks.)"

Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor, Professor at Berkeley

This idea sounds like some kind of hippie plot to destroy America.

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