District Writing Assessment

Recently we had the district writing assessment test. All students had to write a persuasive essay. Here are some great lines from the the sixth graders

The prompt asked the students to think of something you would like to change at school and include reasons why. Here are some highlights:
  • They can even make a cure for cancer if only we have more 7th period
  • Sometimes you can trust a student, sometimes you can’t.
  • Teachers and staff will say “if we change our food menu, it will cost a great amount of money, and cut down on the school budget.” I would say “Heck with the school budget, let the students live a happy life and do great in life. 
  • Do you know the number of bad problems Harvest MS has? About 8 or 9, but I ‘m going to say the 3 main ones.
  • Cholesterol is what causes stomach disease.  
  •  One more thing is you get to sweat. That’s good because that means you are burning calories, saturated fat, and trans fat.
  • Studying all night is not good for student’s brains. Next morning, your brain isn’t starting up, and you have sags under your eyes. 
  • First, when we have 2 hours to do a test, what would you do if you were a teacher? I would sit, relax, and calm down.
  • Being awake during the day helps you at school
  • Teachers are finally giving the students a chance to speak!
  • Some people intend to forget their money. I think I would change the lunch money police.
  • Although my PE teacher is great at soccer, I think we should change him for a pro soccer player.   
  • Whenever I drive by Harvest, I never notice it. (This student went ahead to explain if we painted Harvest neon pink then it would be easier to see.
  • For example, if you whant a good future then have education as a friend.

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