I would like to offer ten reminders to each party, to help them avoid some of the failings of their past and present.


1. Looking compassionate is not the same as being compassionate.
2. Crutches disable as often as they enable - use them briefly and wisely.
3. Giving power to government is not the same as giving power to people.
4. Most profit is virtuous. It is a reward for creating value, not taking it.
5. It's more important to create value than redistribute it.
6. You can't give away what you don't own.
7. Government is to advance justice and order. Business is to advance ingenuity and prosperity. Don't hire one to do the other's job.
8. More work does not mean more jobs.
9. Most evil is the work of good people doing what's best for their family.
10. There is no "them." There is only us.


1. Rigidity is not Strength. Close-mindedness is not confidence.
2. You can't promote the Bill of Rights by violating it.
3. You can't advance democracy by imposing it by force.
4. Brave and Free, not fearful and insecure, are the qualities great leaders inspire.
5. 300,000 deaths do not avenge the murder of 3,000.
6. Killing terrorists requires precise aim.
7. You cannot protect 300 million rich by frightening 3 billion poor.
8. In military matters, Smart is as important as Strong.
9. Those who seek liberty through security lose both. Security is the result, not the foundation, of liberty.
10. The "Last Resort" should be the last resort.

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