Last night was a good night. We went to eat at an amazing place called Annalien. Honestly, I can say it was some of the best food I have ever eaten. Lindy and Tony met us there and it was a blast experiencing the Vietnamese cuisine together. Just next to Cole's Chop House on Main St is where this exquisite restaurant is located. It was nice to relax, be with friends and above all, decompress. Earlier in the day, I was in a different space.
A kid at school had a major blow-out. The absolute aggression and pure rage of him was unsettling. Screaming and cursing became his only form of communication. It was a challenge to remain calm and rational as I was confronted with, and challenged by, the exact opposite. Luckily, I work with very skilled people who were clear and firm. We took the necessary steps to talk him down. I felt good about my contributions to diffusing the issue. The police officers helped a little bit, too.

So relaxing with a plate of scrumptious cha gio in a casually elegant restaurant was well earned last night.

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