Fun night. Yeah. It's my idea of fun.

In case you haven't heard, I'm a bit of a political junkie. I'm not too proud of that. Although, this is a pretty entertaining night to be said junkie. There is a fury of online activity currently. And what's really interesting for me, is the ability to, essentially, watch the results of this election in real time. A process which heretofore has been behind closed doors is now very visible. Before the internet, people cast their ballots and had to wait until the evening news brought the results. After the hocus pocus magic wand was waved over ma and pa's tv set, they would be told who the winners of the race were. That scenario has changed forever. Now, thanks to many very smart and inspired bloggers, those of us who have an unhealthy obsession with politics can witness the slash and burn carnage/upheaval in congress. Tonight is a direct referendum against the current inept administration and it's policies. Hm, policy. That is what powers politics. Hence the name. When the policies fail, so must the politicians. Tonight, the US is following the rules of the government. The fair rules. Of the people and by the people.

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