Yes On 87 | Proposition 87: The CA Clean Energy Initiative:
Proposition 87 will direct $4 billion to reduce California's dependence on gasoline and diesel by 25% over the next 10 years. The effort will be funded by oil drilling fees paid by oil companies not by consumers.

Prop 87 will reduce our use of oil by expanding the use of existing technologies, funding the development of improved and new technologies, and brings alternative fuel and energy technologies to the market faster.

Prop 87 will provide financial incentives to make clean energy options more affordable in order to expand their use. By reducing oil consumption, Prop 87 will reduce pollution that causes global warming, asthma, lung disease and cancer.

California deserves its fair share. Currently, oil companies pay California almost nothing to drill, while they pay billions of dollars in drilling fees to every other oil producing state. Prop 87 will set California’s oil drilling fees at levels similar to those in Oklahoma, Alaska, and Texas at no cost to consumers and with no increase at the pump. The California Attorney General has confirmed that Prop 87 makes it illegal for oil companies to raise gas prices to pass the cost of the fee to consumers.

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