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today there was a press conference where president bush was asked questions about the middle east.
in a moment of candor the president was asked by a reporter what Iraq had to do with 9/11.
Bush replied, "Nothing".
i'm just putting this out there for our republican friends who occasionally read my blog.
just a reminder:
7,000 u.s troops killed or seriously wounded.
$1,000,000,000.00 a week to keep the military in iraq.
a cost of almost a trillion dollars so far.
no end in sight.
sectarian violence increasing, civil war on the horizon.
the middle east is less stable than it's ever been.
our allies are all against us on iraq.
no wmd's were ever found.
70% of americans now think that the war was a terrible idea.

dear republicans, it's time to put aside your partisan loyalty and admit
that the war in iraq is an unmitigated disaster.
most thoughtful republicans(george will, thomas friedman, william buckley, etc)have
come out and said that the war is a disaster, that it never should have been started, and that it
needs to be ended asap.


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