So I've been thrown head first into a choral teaching job. These kids LOVED their last teacher. And there is only 8 weeks of school left. What do they have to work for? That's for me to find out. How about the trip to perform on a disney world stage? That, my friends, will be the first time I conduct this particular group in public. No pressure. Luckily, they are talented kids. But who knows if loyalty to their previous teacher/resentment towards me being there will prevent them from having a quality performance. I have a feeling that these kids will choose the quality performance.

Swept up in a whirlwind of trying to rehearse music, learn 140 names, recognize personalities and calm egos, I've been pretty wiped out. Not to mention names and faces of teachers, administrators and parents. How about procedures? Taking roll in the computer system? Sure. How about planning the Spring Concert? It's no big deal.

We just started spring break today. That feels good.

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