Oh happy day. our internet service, which is so graciously provided to us by comcast, is up and running in our house after being absent since the hurricane. Being net-free has been an interesting experience. I felt very far away from a lot of what I "know".

Of course, I definitely was not affected directly, like when the power was out for multiple days. Being without internet was not at all similar to having to fill the toilet tank up with pool water every time you wanted to flusharoo. Being without the net did not require us to cook every meal on the grill. Because I could not check my stadard list of daily blog updates, no one was forced to use external generators on every house on the block. (it sounded like an rv park...the hum of gas powered generators lulling us to sleep every night...)Yeah, having to turn on the head lamp at 7:30 pm is different than not automatically recieving the latest virus definition updates.

Wilma hit in the wee hours of Monday morning. Our power came on Thursday night. I guess they're all luxuries, from refigerators to e-mail. The hard part, though, was experiencing the rush of excitement when the power did finally come on (after one disheartening power-up [woo-hoo!] and power-down [drats! {yeah, I said drats. And what symbol would I use if I wanted to use a parenthetical statement at this point??}])

So the power came on for good after all of that. I was very excited to post my pics of the damage, as well as go through my routines that have become somewhat, well, routine. Di felt the same way. Granted, she isn't as pathologically connected to the net as I am, but she was definitely missing the ability to check her stock prices at 3 am. We had electricity, but the internet was still down. Oh, that stung. All that waiting. Don't get me wrong, I get it. Huge hurricane = high tech electronic equipment damaged. And I am very grateful to the peeps who worked on telephone poles to fix it. But it was still a shock to what I was used to. Anyway, it's up and running now, so that's a good thing. Now I can pick up where I left off. Which was where, exactly?

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