I'm listening to Airbag by Radiohead.

It's been a while. Wow, does it take me to a specific place.

I remember being in Eli's cave. Eli and Justin asked me if I'd heard this band called Radiohead. I said no. They said listen to this. It had just come out. It was OK Computer. That album changed my life. I agree with many: the best album ever made. That's not an exaggeration. It is the soundtrack to an ever changing life experience.

Now there's Paranoid Android. I'm tryin to get some rest. From all the unborn children voices in my head. What's there?
When I am king, you will be fast against the wall...
In your opinion which is is of no consequence at all. What's there?
4362. It's me, throw down the key.
The Fuss.

Subterrenean Homesick Alien.
The cracks in the pavement.
Up above, aliens hover, taking home movies, for the folks back home,
of all these wired creatures, who lock up their spirits, live for themselves, and live for theirs secrets.
Uptight. Uptight
Cherries, I know kev likes 'em.
Take me on board, their beautiful ship, take me on board, I long to see it...
Can you see the car headlights?
I can.
I hope that you choke, that you choke, that you choke.

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