Tonight we had blackened tilapia with roasted mushroom cous cous and artichokes. I love explaing to the checker at the grocery store what an artichoke is.

I can't describe how much better I feel since the steroid infusion. And even if I was told that it was not actually steroids, only a placebo, I would say "great, whatever it was helped turn me around." My left hand and arm are still numb, but I can feel it turning the corner towards normal.

Before I went back to Ca, I didn't realize how bad I was feeling. In my mind, the way I was feeling was reality. Only in the then/now comparison do I realized how the MS was affecting me. I realize that the main, most destructive part of the exacerbation was the fact that I essentially lost my sense of humor. Nothing was naturally funny to me for a while. Who knows if that was caused by the ms physiologically or it was a reaction to the weight of the situation...anyone who knows me would know when the humor is gone, something is wrong.

Oh well, that's in the past. I feel better now. Hey, that's funny.

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