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Excerpt from this must read article:

Across from the Waveland Police Department in the Fred's
parking lot is a group of people set up to feed up to 5,000 people a
day. Let me repeat that....5,000 people a DAY.

They have a clinic set up like a battlefield triage center. They are giving out tetanus shots and vaccinations, prescribing heart medication, fully licensed
medical practitioners who have made it a life style to camp out in
national parks all over America every year surviving on nothing more
than the land.

They subscribe to no religion or political party, they have no hierarchical structure to speak of and they don't take "no" for an answer when it comes to helping those who desperately need it. They pitched a tent, started working with a Christian organization out of Texas who were already on the ground there by the second day after Hurricane Katrina hit, and began forming what may be the most efficiently run disaster relief center on the entire Gulf Coast. And who is funding this well-oiled machine, you ask?

No one.

Meet the "Rainbow Gathering" out of Asheville, NC

See pictures of the impressive New Waveland Cafe

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