Being Here

I've had a few days to chill in SF while my treatment sinks in. The city is still here, in all it's various forms. It's interesting being here after being away for a while. I love this city but it's got some issues, just like anywhere. I'm not sure if it's just me being a bit bitter about my condition, but sometimes I look at people here and think: get over yourself. The cool factor is sometimes a bit much. Don't get me wrong, I like to play the cool game sometimes too. But maybe I'm just not used to it. Everyone has a story. Everyone I see here and in Fla has a story. Some people surround themselves with many people, colors, sounds, sights and smells. Some people do not. Or maybe they break up the pattern of perspective...not staying in one scene forever. Some people need that constant. Keeping the way it has always been because it worked then, it can still work. Sure, go for it. If that's what you need, keep it the same. But when the need for change presentrs itself, you better be able to bend or you will break.

I'm not really sure where all of this is coming from, maybe it's the coffee.

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