today I had an interview for a teaching job. the interview was fine, but it sounds like they're looking for someone with more elementary experience. The first thing she said was "How many years of elementary teaching do you have?"she was pretty interested in my ray of light experience. I told her about the process and she seemed interested in that. She also asked how my discipline was. Here's the exact quote:
"I'm sure you're good at teaching your subject,everybody is. But this is an inner city school. How's your discipline?"

Yeah, she was intense. But it's the first inservice day so she's running a school full of teachers at the same time. I would be intense too. She said she had four more interviews yet. She said she'd call me one way or the other.

So I didn't feel so hot as I drove away (emotionally hot, that is. It was 400 degrees today) So I just drove. Through town. I'll tell you, when you're feeling bad about not getting something you wanted, just take a little trip through this area of town. Soon,your problem becomes somewhat less of an issue. People struggle here. Don't forget, this is the south and these people are black. I know all black people don't live in this part of town, and I know there are all kinds of races in this part of town, but it's pretty beat down.

Yeah, I still am facing finding work here. I'm going to make something work.

While it's crucial to put problems in perspective, they're still problems. And I'm kind of bummed. Maybe I wasn't meant to teach there. Maybe I still may? Maybe I'll be the best of the bunch...

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