So crazy how life works out sometimes...the woman from that school I interviewed with called me up today. Turns out they're desperate. She hired me as a long term sub. I have no doubt it it because it's not a highly desired school. She had said she had a bunch of applicants in addition to me. I have to wonder: was there really a line of people all clamoring for this job? Maybe. And I get it that she wants(ed) someone with elementary experience. My guess is it's pretty low key. BUT I have no idea. What's interesting is that I have kids coming into a classroom on Monday. I have not seen the room. It's K-5 which I have never taught. Anyone up for a challenge?

I am also amazed that I ordered a book off of amazon. No, wait, it gets better. Last week I sent for a Musical Kids Teaching Fun Educational book. It just looked cool. I've been waiting on it to come in the mail. It wasn't supposed to be here for another couple days, but it was in the mailbox today. I will be using it in my classroom (which may or may not have any instruments)

I have to be there at 7:30 am. It's an 45mins to an hour away. I guess it's time for me to be a morning person. I've had a pretty good run at holding that off. At least it's nice and cool in the mornings here.

Di is off at her open house tonight. It's the first time she meets the parents of the kids. I'm not worried about that interaction in the least. Of course she's nervous but it's a positive nervous. It's really cool we're on the same schedule.

I'm looking forward to going somewhere everyday. Which reminds me...I need a car. I need to go see that jeep.

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