I discovered something the other day that got me excited. I was out exploring and I came across the largest organic grocery store I have ever seen. It's called Ada's Natural Foods. This place is so huge! It's 4800 sq ft (I asked) They carry everything you can think of: organic produce, which is delivered fresh daily, free-range organic meats, poultry, and fish products, thousands of natural grocery items and frozen foods. They have more than 150 bulk products, which include grains, flour, beans, granola, trail mix, nuts, and more. They also carry organic and natural cosmetics, hair products, beauty aids, pet products, and cleaning aids, as well as vitamins, herbs, and sports nutrition supplements. OK, so I shamelessly copied all of that off their website. But I'm so excited! I was feeling so far away from the eco-topia that is northern California and was worried I wouldn't be able to eat healthily, but no, believe it or not, there are health conscious people everywhere. And this place dwarfs my beloved Trader Joes.

And what's more, they have a cafe which is always cooking up fresh food. I've eaten lunch there three times now. Wheat grass and soy lattes, man, I need to go find some trees to hug. True, there are not too many dirty hippies in the area, but there are some. Good find.

Another good find has been Planet Earth Bookstore. It's a great place to sit and read. They have massage therapy there. I got a massage there the other day and oh man, was it good. They use the massage tables with the speaker underneath so the soundwaves course through your body while you get a rub. Awesome. They also have Reiki courses which I want to take. What's great about this place is they are so down to Earth. It's a nice destination.

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