Give me the gift of a grip tap sock
A clip drape ship shape tip top sock
Not your spiv slick slap stick slip shod stock
But a plastic elastic grip top sock
None of your fantastic slack swop slob
From a slap dash flash cash haberdash shop
Not a knick knack knit-lock knock kneed knickerbocker sock
With a mock shot, blob mottled, trick ticker tock clock
Not a rucked up, puckered up, flop top sock
Nor a super, sheer, seersucker, pucka sack smock sock
Not a spot-speckled, frog freckled, cheap sheik sock
Off a hotch potch, moss blotched, botched scotch block
Nothing slip shod, flip flop, drip drop or glip glop
Tip me to a tip top grip top sock.

-theatre warmup

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