What do you know?

How do you know it?
Could you be proven wrong?
Are you sure?
Who would you tell if you were?
Would they be too busy thinking about what’s wrong with them to care?
Genuine love is when you aren’t too busy to care.

Time uncoils into an unknown shape. But here it is. Well, there it went. Oh wait, there’s some more. Oops, there it went. And so on.

Hank: Grab on, man. You better grab on or you might miss it. Hurry!

James: No, I’m too tired to grab. I’ll just watch.

Hank: Are you crazy? If you don’t grab on, you’ll be left behind! Come on man!

James: I don’t mind staying behind. If that means I have to stay here, that’s fine because I like where I am.

Hank: Yeah, but you can be bigger and better! You have to grab on and go for the ride, man! It’s exhilarating! It’s a rush! You can be going! Real fast!

James: I think I’ll take a nap.

Hank: Are you crazy?! If you don’t start going and grabbing things and running and jumping and screaming and dancing and building and working and driving and talking and acting and laughing, you’ll never get anywhere!! You’ll be bored stiff!

James: I will build at my own pace. I will laugh at what I think is funny. I jump and drive when I have to. I will act and dance and scream quite often, but not all at once. This is my work.

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