Warning: A Brief Moment of Negative Vibage Following!

My job sucks. I have to work tomorrow on Easter. And we're short staffed because of the holiday. So it will be crazy busy. I don't want to "advance" in the company because the company sucks. Right no please allow me to just vent my frustration. I'm going to quit this job and get a new one. There is no reason for me to be there other than money. Working for money is so benal I could puke. Which begs the question: What do I want to work for? How about peace and harmony? Can one make a living doing that? I suppose there are those who work for the expansion of peace in our world. What would that mean in our day to day lives? Where could I go to reach the most people? And how? And what is my message? I know I've got something to say, I can feel it brewing inside and the frustration from not knowing is mounting. Maybe this is where the harmony comes in. I do love the harmony.

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