Ok. It's no secret that I hate the war in Iraq. I know I don't have all the facts and "intelligence" surrounding the whole thing. I understand that america has always been torturing and plundering countless countries and governments worldwide. I also know that there have been wars as long as the Hairless Apes have been able to steal food from one another.
Ok. I know this. But all of these past events don't justify our current weed-wacking in the chosen oil rich country.
I think it is the ultimate statement of patriotism to oppose the war. What I don't understand (maybe you can explain this to me) is how someone can claim to be a patriot and sit and watch our country, here at home, fall toiletward.

Yes, I just made up that word: toiletward. It means in the direcion of, or pertaining to the location of human waste disposal. And that's exactly what's happening. I'm not an alarmist and am only a mild conspiracy theorist. But it doesn't take a super computer to observe what's happening here. It is as plain as the flag on your RV: The rich and powerful are working tirelessly to preserve and guarantee their status and control on the reality they have created for themselves.

And they will stop at nothing in the process. If this means invoking the name and concept of a higher power, they will do that. If it means appealing to the fragility and sacredness of human life, they will do that. If it means stirring up a whirlwind of fear surrounding possible threats, they will do that. And the whole package is being wrapped neatly in an american flag. Look, I love this country. And that's why I'm upset. Our country's ideals are above all this this empire building and bullying.

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