The Pilot.

I am in my body driving the machine. I am looking out of my eyes and controlling these arms in front of me. I move around by making the apparatus known as "legs" work. Electrical impulses get sent in by various methods. I am hard wired to recieve five different forms of stimuli. Each form is packaged differently but they all lead to the same final result: invoking a response. Sometimes I sit and watch this process. Sometimes my body reacts differently to the stimuli than I do. These five stimuli styles I will refer to as "The Standard Package" Most people have all five. Some human models come with the "Upgrade Package." There are additional sets of stimuli detectors included in these models. They include options such as love receptors, empathy suppliers and contentment resevoirs. The "Fully Loaded Package" can also be found. Humans don't usually start out as "Fully Loaded." It takes time and experience to gain these receptors. The options present in this model include Multiple Plane Communications, Deep Listening Reverberators and Perspective Floaters.

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