Future Is Now

I will not abandon my past. I've had too many good experiences to do that. But the past can sometimes interfere with what I'm trying to create as a future. If I stick to my theory of Time is a Non Linear Entity, I can live as the future has already happened along with my past. I'm going to live "backwards", from my future into my past from now on. I'm going to get younger and younger until I disappear from pure youth. Youth can be measured in many ways. For me, youth is measred in humor. For you, it might be different. I hope not. Finding the lighter side of ANYTHING is the ticket.
Time can also be looked from underneath. Why do we measure time on a straight line? Because that's the easiest way to plot events and achievments. We are linear thinkers, that's for sure. But what if we weren't? It would be pretty hard to balance your checkbook. But maybe you could talk to plants. Just an idea. I'm not crazy. You are. Bye.

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